Lucky in Love

It’s 10:28pm and I’m writing and reflecting while simultaneously drinking a Coke – it’s my weakness. The baby is asleep, at last, and while I might also be equally exhausted from our adventures today I had to take a few moments for myself. The past week, my husband has been gone.  A little mini-vacation to … More Lucky in Love


On July 10, 2016 my world changed forever.  Absolutely and without any possibility of ever returning to its former state. Of course, nine (although it’s always more like ten) months of pregnancy provided me time to prepare for this – at least I thought…  My bags were packed, the house was clean and I had … More Mama

Turning Pages

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder – which is a hopelessly romantic point of view.  After living long distance the past few years from most of those I’ve known and even loved a great deal of my life, I’ve come to realize it isn’t always true. But the heart does grow wiser. … More Turning Pages

My Shield

I have a big heart.  But I don’t give it away so easily – just ask my husband.  He worked really hard for it. And while I hate to be too cliché and attribute this to my childhood, I’ve taken far too many psychology courses to ignore the facts. Growing up, I had two prominent male figures … More My Shield

My Little Love

On November 4th, it wasn’t enough for me to see those two solid lines on the pregnancy test, but a flicker of hope caught fire.  And sure enough when I got the phone call regarding my bloodwork that confirmed the news two days later, the only thing I could say through my tears was, “I’m … More My Little Love

Let’s Get Real

Over the past several months, I’ve been sharing with you my adventures of somewhat epic proportions.  From the outside looking in, you might be surprised to know that [we] my husband and I are normal and by no stretch of the imagination rich. You see, we live in a cozy, countryside village.  We pay bills and fold … More Let’s Get Real

The Best Meal

When you ask someone WHY they travel WHERE they travel – they typically answer because of beauty.  And while I cannot deny that I saw some of the most beautiful places in the world, it was not by traditional definition. I don’t travel to see beautiful places.  I travel to see beautiful people.  Beautiful cultures … More The Best Meal